Colorado Authors Appreciation Club

Coloado state flower - columbineColorado is home to much more than just the Rocky Mountains and gorgeous countryside. Colorado also boasts many famous authors who were either born in our great state or came to reside here later in life.

We celebrate the most popular writers in Colorado as well as a few of our personal favorites below.

Featured Authors

Book: From a Distance Tamera Alexander

Having lived in Colorado for over 17 years, Tamera has published 11 novels to date. She specializes in fictional romance novels with a touch of a history in each one. Many of the books are set in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains which makes them especially fun to read for a Colorado native.

Some of her most popular books include: From a Distance, The Inheritance and To Whisper Her Name. We especially like her first series entitled: The Timber Ridge Reflections which is set in the Rocky Mountains in the late 1800s. Although Tamera is now a resident of Tennessee, we still consider her one of our favorite local authors.

Antler Dust by Mark StevensMark Stevens

Although Mark Stevens was born on the East Coast, he moved to Denver, Colorado later in life where he now lives with his wife and daughters. Mark was raised with a love of writing by his parents who were both librarians.

Mark is famous for his Allison Coil Mystery Series starring Allison Coil. Our favorite is Antler Dust. Set in the Colorado wilderness during hunting season, the book takes you on hunt to find two missing men who mysteriously disappeared. Our heroine Allison Coil is a female hunting guide in a land full or men. She is trying desperately to figure out what happened to her two missing hunters all while battling the evil George Grumley who has more to lose than to gain.

Our Favorite Place on Earth

In honor of Mark, we’d like to include a little PSA from the Denver Library. We fondly recall many hours spent in the quiet halls of the library which first led us to our love of books. 🙂